Life in the Alps

Italian Alps

(youtube video by itaboy24)

Bocelli, “Sogno,” and all this at the Italian Alps

(youtube video by amgene415)

Italian Dolomitri (Section of Alps in Northeastern Italy, some of the most jagged peaks on earth) (a youtube video by travel3)

A Cat climbing the Alps!

(a youtube video by esalvaterra entitled “IL GATTO MONTANARO (MY CAT THE MAGNIFICENT BOCCHETTE in the Brenta Dolomites”)

Animals in the Alps

youtube video by by Rottolescatole

Caprette Tibetane

(a youtube video by esalvaterra about his 2 young Tibetan goats, cat, and dog playing together in his yard in the alps — the goats play and romp just like dogs!)

Lake Como Italy | Stunning film on the area

(a youtube video by lakecomopages)


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